SC18 in Dallas occurs 30 years after the first SC Conference, SC88 in Orlando, Florida. This anniversary offers us the opportunity to review – and celebrate – the progress of high performance computing (HPC) and of our community, and the impact of the SC Conference Series on HPC and on society at large.

A number of activities at SC18 will highlight the evolution of the conference, supercomputing, and related technologies. We hope you will find time to view, visit, and reflect on the SC community and its history – the computers, the accomplishments, the colleagues, and, most of all, the friendships.

We also want to take time to consider the future, laying the groundwork for SC to continue to contribute to the work of the HPC community worldwide.


Plan to join us in celebrating 30 years of SC at events including:

    • An SC History Scavenger Hunt, where you can win items from the 30th Anniversary collection of SC swag, designed for practical everyday use.
    • Awards of recognition for exhibitors who tell their tales of making supercomputing history using material artifacts, photos, and video in their booths.
    • A video, to be shown at the keynote presentation, which will feature highlights from the past 30 years, contributed by HPC professionals from academia, industry, and government. A souvenir USB drive for all conference attendees will contain a video with highlights from the past 30 years, plus a digital archive of noteworthy photos, videos, and textual anecdotes.
    • The Lobby Museum will highlight SC history and display both physical and digital artifacts from all 29 previous SC conference years. Physical components will include conference memorabilia and historically significant artifacts loaned by exhibitors and attendees. In addition, invited talks on SC history will occur throughout the conference in the Lobby Museum and the Exhibits Hall. Lobby Museum Hours:
      Monday, November 12, 7–9 pm
      Tuesday, November 13, 10 am–7 pm
      Wednesday, November 14, 10am–6 pm
      Thursday, November 15, 10am–4 pm
  • Record your reminiscences, observations, and stories at the Story Booth near the Lobby Museum.
  • SC: The Conference, a panel on Friday morning, will feature past conference chairs discussing the past and future of SC, supercomputing, and HPC research.
  • A digital archive is available to upload material such as significant photos, movies, videos, or textual anecdotes. Anecdotes might include a description of how participation in the SC Conference has influenced your career, or a description of an event that was particularly memorable. Visit the SC Conferences website to contribute.

Past Conferences

Proceedings from previous SC Conference years are available.


The SC18 Planning Committee is seeking volunteers to serve as docents in the Lobby Museum. We are also building a list of people who have attended all 30 SC conferences. Sign up to help create this exciting overview of our community’s accomplishments and advancements.

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