Workshops Submissions Deadline Extended to February 14

It is still not too late to get your submission into SC’s popular and engaging Workshops program. These full- and half-day sessions expand the knowledge base of practitioners and researchers in a particular area of interest. They provide a focused, in-depth venue for presentations, discussion, and interaction. Proposals are peer-reviewed and selected with a preference for submissions that inspire deep and interactive dialogue on important topics within the HPC community.

Reproducibility Reminder

In keeping with other conference enhancements, reproducibility will be considered during the evaluation of submissions. Each organizer should encourage submitters to include reproducibility information – using SC17 Technical Papers as a guide.

Encouraging Reproducibility

The submission form includes the following questions:

  • How do you plan on including reproducibility (e.g., “in the same way as SC17 Technical Papers”)?
  • If you are not including reproducibility in your workshop, why not?

If an organizer believes they cannot partake in this initiative, they should explain why in their submission to the Workshops Committee.


There are generally three types of workshops at SC:

  1. Those centered around published technical papers
  2. Those centered around panelists and discussion (“mini-symposia”)
  3. Invited workshops for working groups, centered around already-published work

At SC17, more than 90% of the workshops were of the first type. The reproducibility initiative targets these in particular; however, the Workshops Committee welcomes any movement toward reproducibility in submissions from the other two types as well.

See Workshops FAQ for more information, or Workshops Submissions if you’re interested in submitting. 


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